Complete flexible solutions

A complete mobile (MRI) unit on wheels, self-supporting and operational within hours. Useful in situations where temporary capacity is needed: e.g. MRI upgrading program, remodeling and installation a new MRI, a test of new markets without the investment risk, scientific research with a independent budget.

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  Semi-mobile solutions

A complete semi-mobile (MRI) unit as an ‘annex’ to the hospital. Patients are unaware they are in a ‘container’. Useful in situations where capacity is needed in a longer period of time: e.g. lack of physical space to install a unit in the hospital but there is space at the parking lot next to the hospital, the desire to expand the services without the own investment.

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  Costum-made solutions

‘Creativity-within- technical-limits’.
When the geographical situation imposes limits like bad roads and river deltas the engineers of Resonandina will work with you to create specific solutions: e.g. a floating clinics.

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Our rental offer meets the requirements of flexibility in your business, a monthly rental invoice instead of large investments at once. You can focus on the specific groups in need of your services and thus on the core of you business development.

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