Projects in Mobile Imaging

  Hypermodern Mobile MRI Trailer in Brazil

In collaboration with Kenko Saúde, Resonandina installed a hypermodern mobile MRI trailer in Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The trailer is equipped with a high-end MRI-Scanner and the most advanced equipment in the field of diagnostics.

Resonandina is, like her partners, very proud to be able to contribute to this wonderful project. And it is an honour to be able to serve the people of Brazil with professional medical facilities. Behind the scenes hard work is being done to create similar projects like this MRI trailer to offer everyone the same professional medical care. For questions about our products and solutions, please contact us via the contact page of this website. And of course, we like to think along with you to develop the best solution for your needs.

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  La Paz, Bolivia – Hospital Arco Iris MRI services.

Custom made solution in the hospital in La Paz Bolivia. As a part of a project with a Dutch Government program the MRI is improving the quality of the services of this renowned hospital. The City of La Paz with over 1 million inhabitants has a poor offer of MRI service. With the RisPacs of Medspazio the distribution and accessibility is guaranteed. The patients attending the Hospital Arco Iris are a mix of private patients and a population with a low-income profile. The MRI images are improving the therapeutic interventions, training programs are being held for medical specialists and technicians. More than 2500 patients and > 150 doctors have been served since the start. The director of the Hospital Arco Iris, dr. Ramiro Narvaez, tells us why he works with Resonandina.

  Bolivia – Mobile MRI in El Alto

The ‘full-blown’ mobile MRI will offer the services that are currently unavailable in El Alto; a city with over 1 million inhabitants. Starting at the Hospital Holandes the unit will visit multiple hospitals and cities at the ’Altiplano’ of Bolivia. The populations are mainly of a ‘low-income’ profile. The service will prevent traveling of patients and reducing the ‘total cost’ of diagnostics. The medical system in the area will be strengthened with training, evaluation of treatment protocols and more ‘doctor-to-doctor’ interactions. More information can be found in this article:
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  Sao Paulo, Brasil – Hospital Barretos. Mobile MRI services.

This renowned public hospital, with focus on oncology, uses the Dutch Lamboo mobile technology; a newly installed GE Explorer (1,5 Tesla). The diagnostic services will be offered in cooperation with various local and regional Brazilian governments. The specific geographic and remote characteristics are in sync with the mobile concept. The radiologic experts of the hospital are offering the reports using teleradiolgy.

  Sao Paulo, Brasil – Hospital Barretos. Mobile CT services.

The mobile CT technology has a trailer that can expand its walls to create a larger diagnostic room. Permitting hospitalized patient care. The Barretos Hospital will use the CT Services to enhance the prevention of cancer, which is the main mission of the hospital. Starting with mobile Mammography and Papanicolaou, the hospital is ‘stepping up’ to a higher-level of mobile services with their affiliated municipalities. The Hospital, and thereby the patients, both profit from the Mobile Services by means of less traveling of patients, lower costs and augmenting the volume of people served.