We Lease

Resonandina invests the necessary capital to have a diagnostic imaging solution available at your healthcare center. Keeping your projected ‘Business case” in mind, we agree on a custom-made contract including a grace-period.


Financial Lease

Service Contracts

Pay per Use

This unique alternative is based on shared revenue responsibility. On top of an agreed threshold, the compensation Resonandina receives is proportional to the income you receive from patients & insurers.

In other words, the fee depends on the number of scans realized.

Financial Lease

A typical financial lease agreement with Resonandina runs 5-15 years. The monthly fee includes equipment & maintenance and clear financial visibility.

Long-term contracts may include a ‘half-time’ substantial upgrade, so the latest technology standards are at your disposal. At end-of-contract the ownership can be transferred.


Service Contracts

A Resonandina lease includes Long Term Warranty & Service contracts. It covers the initial installation, training, operational coaching, (preventive and corrective) maintenance and parts.

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