Mobile Healthcare Solution in Bolivia

   El Alto, a major city on the Altiplano

El Alto, located on the Altiplano highlands of Bolivia, is one of the highest major cities in the world. Around one million inhabitants live at 4.000 meter above sea level, just above the capital city La Paz. While it is among the most populous urban area of Bolivia, it also has many geographical challenges due to the harsh landscape and environment. These challenges are exactly the type of conditions where we are able to create the perfect solution for professional healthcare.

Collaboration with Hospital Arco Iris (HAI) and Hospital Holandes (HH)

Because the El Alto region has a fast growing population there is an extended need for professional healthcare and thereby professional medical equipment. By collaborating with the Hospital Arco Iris (HAI) and Hospital Holandes from the city La Paz, we can meet the demands of El Alto by initiating a project for high-end diagnostic facilities.

Mobile MRI Solution

Using our Mobile Solution the logistic and structural challenges where met. The now fully operating trailer consists the following equipment:

  • 1,5 Tesla MRI (Siemens Essenza)
  • Air-conditioning and chiller system
  • Electrical Generator (140 KvA) to function independently.
  • WIFI Connection (4G)

Completing a MRI service at 2 locations made it possible to help more than 3.000 patients until 2016. Since 2017 we can serve up to 250 patients a week; a more than 50% growth. For more information on our Mobile Solutions take a look at our Mobile Solutions page following this link: Mobile Solutions

RisPacs of Medspazio

Counting on a high-end RisPacs system developed by Medspazio the service is no longer ‘location – dependent’. Through a WIFI connection results are distributed to hospitals, medical specialists and if needed to radiologic experts around the world for a ‘second-opinion’. Patients receive their digital imaging personally to share with their doctors to consult further treatments.

Successful inauguration with President Evo Morales

Off course we are aware of the importance of this medical project, therefor we were elated to see that even the Bolivian government foresees the relevance of this project and has celebrate the opening of the Mobile MRI Solution together with us by the blessings and a speech of the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales.

The opening of the Mobile Solution gave a lot of local and national publicity. We documented some parts of these video interviews to share the experience and results of this project. In the videos on this page the directors of HAI, Medspazio and Resonandina explain the importance of this project.

Making Healthcare accessible

We are always looking for new challenges in order to make healthcare accessible for everyone. If you are looking for a professional medical solution or advice to extend your healthcare business please contact us through our contact form or one of our regional offices. You can find this information on our contact page: Contact us


Since 2017 we can serve up to 250 patients a week; a more than 50% growth.