First high-end MRI for La Vega, DR: possible with our Pay-per-Use solution.

Nov 15, 2022 | New Client

A high-end quality GE Explorer 1,5T MRI is currently not available for the >1 million inhabitants of the region La Vega, Dominican Republic. Resonandina’s Pay-per-Use MRI solution fills this gap.

Leading Private Hospital Clínica La Concepcíon closes a long-term contract with Resonandina for a Modular MRI solution.

Thanks to Dra. Mayra Rosario Franco, Aníbal Guzman, Victor Rodriquez, Joseph Winzey and the whole team of Global Médica Dominicana a new diagnostic service will soon be available.

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Funding with Collin Crowdfund

Funding with Collin Crowdfund

We successfully concluded the funding with Collin Crowdfund for one of our Caribbean Modular MRI projects. Many thanks to all Collin investors and to Fred Bouwman and his team. It is good to see that the availability of diagnostic health care is growing so fast in the Caribbean and we are very pleased that Resonandina can be part of the solution for this area.

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