Custom Solutions

  Custom solutions

‘Creativity-within- technical-limits’
When the geographical situation imposes limits like bad roads and river deltas the engineers of Resonandina will work with you to create specific custom solutions: e.g. a floating clinics.

  • The medical operations are responsibility of the client: radiologic assistance/technician, radiology information system, medical reports, administration and invoicing to patients.
  • We offer equipment with all options and software to do 95+ % of the average production.
  • The rental service includes ‘preventive and corrective’ maintenance, helium and parts.
  • There is an initial training after installation.
  • The specifications in the custom made vary according to the situations.
  • Currently we offer: GE Signa Explorer 1,5 T, 16 channels, GE CT 540 32 slices, GE Discovery STE PET CT scan, GE IGS 530 Angio Hemodynamics.
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Semi mobile solutions

A complete semi-mobile (MRI) unit as an ‘annex’ to the hospital.

Mobile solutions

A complete mobile (MRI) unit on wheels, self-supporting. Operational within hours.