The Resonandina team welcomes you

Resonandina Holanda BV is a solid family-owned organization based in the Netherlands and holding subsidiaries across several countries in Latin America. We aim to help doctors and patients by clearing the path toward availability of diagnostic scanning equipment.

Dr. Floriaan van Bemmelen

A former general practitioner, hospital- and insurance company director and manager of MRI center, Floriaan is the founder and CEO of Resonandina. He carries substantial knowledge of and experience in Latin America.

“Latin America has my heart and my fascination, and I am eager to help making state-of-the-art diagnostic tools ready to use. At any time and place”.

Dennis Korthouwer

To make diagnostic equipment accessible for everyone we need financial expertise. Our expert in funding, with heart for the healhtcare sector, is our Chief Operations Officer Dennis Korthouwer. Dennis extends the financial reach of Resonandina tremendously.

“I’m dedicated to make Resonandina grow and thereby improve access to diagnostic equipment”.

Radboud Horsthuis

Radboud, our CFO, is a financing professional with specific experience and know-how in high-value medical/technical investing.

“I’m all about the numbers and it is a big bonus that I can put my profession to work in a company that is investing in a better world and its people”.

Local Directors

Our group of directors represents Resonandina in a considerable number of countries on the Latin-American continent.

Advisory Council

A professional circle of committed advisors supports the team using their extensive knowledge of healthcare, financing, and business development.

Director Bolivia
Director Bolivia

Reynaldo Vargas

Director Brazil
Director Brazil

Sergio Simas de Carvalho

Director Chile
Director Chile

Patricio de la Fuente

Director de Proyectos
Director de Proyectos

Oscar Uribe

Sales Director Colombia
Sales Director Colombia

Carlos Bahamon

Director Peru
Director Peru

Fernando Estremadoyro

A Brief History

Floriaan established Resonandina in 2012. After building a successful mobile pilot, he attracted investors to come on board.

Soon after, the first Resonandina-MRI was installed in Bolivia. The company began to grow and set up branches in Latin America.

Several hospitals followed ‘Bolivia’ and are successful users of modern MRI modules today.


We are currently active in the countries stated below, however, we are always open for new clients and opportunities to make diagnostic equipment accessible for everyone.

  • Bolivia

  • Brazil

  • Caribbean

  • Chile
  • Colombia

  • Dominican Republic

  • Ecuador

  • Peru

  • and more (We are always expanding, your country can be on this list)